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07 Jun

Lamborghinis, Lebanese drummers, lip work: the lavish wedding of Salim Mehajer’s sister Kat

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Lavish: Kat Mehajer marries Ibraham Sakalaki at Longuevue Mansion. Photo: Andrew Murray Dancers at Kat Mehajer’s nuptials. Photo: Andrew Murray

A guest arrives for the wedding at Longuevue Mansion in a flash car. Photo: Andrew Murray

Kat Mehajer in a pre-wedding picture. Photo: Instagram

A flash motorcade arrives for the wedding of Kat Mehajer.

Salim Mehajer dances at the nuptials of his sister Kat and Ibraham Sakalaki at the ceremony. Photo: Andrew Murray

Billed as Sydney’s “next big wedding” after her brother’s infamous and apparently doomed 2015 ceremony, the 2016 version of Mehajer marital bliss did not disappoint.

Khadijeh “Kat” Mehajer, younger sister to former Auburn deputy mayor Salim, and her new husband, Ibraham Sakalaki, dazzled suburban Sydney on Saturday with their lavish nuptials.

Held at Longuevue Mansion in Kenthurst, about 40 kilometres north-west of Sydney’s CBD, the ceremony was an extravaganza of Lamborghinis, Lebanese drummers, and lip work.

Despite being denied a request to close a street for the wedding, the event still managed to stop traffic, with police blocking off streets and accompanying the groom, Mr Sakalaki, and his massive convoy of sports cars and motorbike riders wearing “Mehajer Bros” outfits to the allegedly-secret and apparently last-minute location.

A police helicopter hovered over the sprawling six acre block that bills itself as “the ideal escape for a luxurious holiday or that 6 star special event” as Mr Sakalaki arrived in a white Lamborghini.

Resplendent in white suit, he gave a peace sign to the assembled media as he entered.

He followed by Mr Mehajer, who was dateless, and still wearing a wedding ring despite his much publicised break-up with wife Aysha.

If Mr Mehajer was feeling the weight of the on-going scandals that have made him famous, he managed to put on a brave face for his little sister’s nuptials.

The bad boy of local politics, and aspirant “state, federal … very top spot” politician remained impassive as news cameras swamped him on arrival, and was front and centre dancing with Ms Mehajer and Mr Sakalaki.

Norma Needham, the owner of Longuevue, ruffled some feathers. Arriving before the wedding party on Saturday morning, she demanded that cars be moved off the street, and at one point yelled into a phone about the scale of the event.

Later though, she appeared to change her tune. After scrubbing the white carpet laid out for the bride and groom’s arrival, she joined the revellers in dancing during the ceremony.

Despite some neighbours complaining they had been told the event would be “small scale”, Ms Needham insisted she “didn’t have to” apply for council permission to hold “a little get together here with people that I enjoy”, and said it “wasn’t anyone’s business anyway”.

After the ceremony, Mehajer guests chanted “Norma, Norma, Norma” when she told the assembled media what she thought of them.

The venue of the wedding was a tightly-held secret in the lead-up to the event.

While more than one news organisation managed to wrangle what will no doubt be dubbed “exclusive” access, others waited outside the estate to get a glimpse of the party.

Sam Khizkail, who organised the doves for the wedding  – two released during the ceremony, another four “show dancing doves” – had been told the ceremony was in Lidcombe before receiving a text from Ms Mehajer on Thursday.

“My wedding location has been changed,” she told him.

Among the stellar wedding guests was Hollywood actress and model Olivia Culpo, who is famous for winning the Miss USA 2012 pageant.

At 6pm, the wedding guests regrouped at Doltone House’s Hyde Park venue on Elizabeth Street for a reception. Lingering media crews were left hanging with the bridal party who were nowhere to be seen, having presumably arrived earlier or by an alternative entry.

The family’s enigmatic media statement hinted at cheeky decoy addresses and information to deter uninvited guests.

The cloak of darkness extended to the wedding’s reception. Despite the Mehajer family tagging photos with the wedding’s hashtag, #IKS2016, on Instagram since February, the couple’s reception was celebrated in a social media blackout with guests banned from using their phones upon entry.

Still, the arrival of guests to the luxury venue provided momentary interest to passersby as luxury cars played cat and mouse with buses stopping outside. Fur jackets and bejewelled evening dresses, including the bride’s shimmering Steven Khalil gown, were the outfit du jour.

The guests either feigned ignorance of the night’s proceedings or were similarly kept in the dark. One woman in a stunning lace Jovani dress smiled and said, “I just know it will be so nice.”

Ibraham Sakalaki and Khadijeh Mehajer exchanged Islamic vows at an intimate gathering the previous weekend.

Additional reporting by Phoebe Maloney

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